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3/302016 10:07 PM
Change of Season v2.0
I just finished mixing a new version of Change of Season, the mp3 can be found here.

12/15/2015 07:02 PM

Sith Omas
You can’t spell Sith Omas without Si Thomas.  Yes, I have my Star Wars tickets!  I am going to the “see it early” show, and also going back for the midnight viewing.

11/16/2015 06:15 PM
Vocals, Vocals, Vocals
I’ve been working with Darren Skanson at CCM Studios in Denver, he gets the exact vocal tone I have been searching for.

11/16/2015 06:14 PM
Directors Cut
Very special thanks and shout out to Osk Alden, who shot a video for the song “Might Have Been”.  Osk has great conceptual ideas, and is super fun to work with.  After shooting the video, I was inspired to go back into the studio, and re-record the track.  I am currently still working on the song, we are having fun - layering and background vocals.

12/30/2014 012:16 PM
You Don’t Even Know The Words
Here I am riffing around in the studio - just  shouting out what ever comes to me.

10/9/2014 06:27 PM
I’m still here!

a One a Two a Three
Top 3 things to expect from my new album:

#1 More ambitious vocals

#2 Better bridges(songwriting)

#3 Play those drums like you mean it.

5/26/2014 01:00 AM
Killer Guitar Tone
Recently I have been in the studio working on some tracks for a new album.  Shout out to everyone who has been pushing me to release more new material.

4/9/2014 012:03 AM
Throw It In Reverse
I did some EQ work on the song “Texarkana” from the Michigan album - featuring Robert Bisbee on drums, and Joel Jackson on lead guitar.  More from the Michigan album soon.

3/13/2014 06:35 PM
Keep Looking
Insanity may be doing the same thing over and again - expecting different results.  So is looking for something you’ve lost - until you find it.

3/6/2014 09:18 PM
More Tracks From Album A
I am super excited about my new recording tone.  It will not sound too much different from my current sound, but maybe cleaner, and easier to record.  There are some more mp3 tracks from my last release “Album A” on my audio page - for your enjoyment to download.

2/15/2014 04:22 AM
Good Kind Of Feedback
I sent some tracks to ReverbNation crowd review.  They listened to the songs, and sent back comments.  I posted a new video with the results.

12/5/2013 02:25 AM
Back At It
The dust hasn’t even settled on the release of “Album A” - and I am back in the studio working on all new material.  Please download a copy of “Album A” from iTunes or Amazon.com to help support my latest project.

10/18/2013 01:21 AM
Album Pre-Release
I just uploaded “I Can’t Grow” -a track from my new album, along with other song samples.  You can find them on the audio page.

09/01/2013 09:23 PM
Talk Is Cheap But Those Tracks Rock
Will I ever finish this album...EVER? The answer ...yes ...Sooo close - right now finishing up final background vocals. The initial demo mixes are being rated high by those who have previewed them...Look for new tracks very soon.

07/10/2013 10:31 AM
Music Lovers
Shout out to all the people in my life - pushing me to finish my new studio albums. Smiles:)

07/10/2013 10:29 AM
Tech Fail
After getting a new data plan, it became obvious that my RSS feed wasn't working on mobile phones. Look for a site re-design soon!

06/20/2013 04:17 AM
Played one of my best shows in FOREVER... really felt on. I sang against some of my new recorded tracks(basically karaoke)...had a blast. Working hard on the albums...a bit of a timing setback from playing this last show. And...of all things MOTHS?????? Love Ya

04/21/2013 09:09 PM
For Better And Worse
There hasn't been a day that I haven't mentioned Gene Simmons. New Cartoon.

04/06/2013 12:57 AM
Now Your Going Backwards
Recording of the new tracks is going rather smooth. I've been down this road before...Texarkana from the Michigan CD is now available for download on the audio page.

04/03/2013 12:49 AM
Born On The Bio
Nobody reads these things anyway. I've missed more gigs and media write ups than I can count, simply because I didn't have a recent bio. http://sithomas.com/contact.html

03/16/2013 08:11 AM
All In The Family
Although often related - Sex and Drugs are not Rock and Roll. -Si

03/14/2013 06:19 AM
Breakin Heads and Snappin Strings
IN THE ZONE - I've got all my songs picked out, and have a recording flow chart mapping the way. There are some new "tempo tracks" on my audio page. ***this is not my new tone, because THAT tone is through the roof!!! Stay tuned rockers.

02/26/2013 08:37 AM
Super Studio Layout
Back in the studio with a couple fresh weapons, and a new layout. I was inspired by the Youtube based web series "Studio Resuce" to rebuild my recording setup. I purchased a set of monitors to replace the bookshelf speakers I had been using (work with what you got:). I now have a real echo/ reverb chamber that sounds AMAZING! I am also abandoning my digital drums and going back to all analog.

01/05/2013 12:04 PM
You're So Vain
I just posted a new slide show on my photos page. It has pictures through my many eras, and many names on the stage. Look for more photos, and captions soon.

12/30/2012 07:29 AM
On The Inside - LIVE
A new LIVE MP3 of - On The Inside- can be found on my audio page.

12/29/2012 03:43 PM
Happy New Year
Yeah, I know it's early!